GCDRU Foundation

The Gold Coast District Rugby Union is proud to announce the launch of the GCDRU Foundation, an initiative dedicated to enhancing the rugby experience for players, coaches, families, and the broader community.

Rugby is more than just a sport; it’s a culture and ethos that instils values of teamwork, discipline, and community. Our vision is to create a sustainable cycle where those who benefit from the game give back to nurture the next generation.

About the Gold Coast Rugby Foundation

The GCDRU Foundation leverages the unique values and qualities of rugby to drive positive change within individuals and communities. Our mission focuses on fostering growth, education, skill development, and holistic well-being through rugby. Here’s how we aim to make a difference: 

  • Growing Rugby Union in Our Region: We strive to expand the reach and popularity of rugby union across the Gold Coast, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.
  • Education and Participation: Through educational programs and increased participation opportunities, we aim to instil the principles and techniques of rugby in players of all ages and backgrounds. Our initiatives focus on enhancing the skills of players at all levels, ensuring they have the tools to excel both on and off the field.
  • Women’s Rugby: We are committed to promoting and developing women’s rugby, providing opportunities for female players to thrive and succeed in the sport.
  • Supporting Representative Players: We provide support to representative players, helping them reach their full potential and represent the Gold Coast with pride and excellence.
  • Mental Health: We prioritise mental health, offering resources and support to ensure the well-being of our players, coaches, and community members.

By supporting the Gold Coast Rugby Foundation, you are investing in a brighter future for rugby on the Gold Coast and beyond. Together, we can create a lasting impact, nurturing the values and skills that rugby imparts and ensuring the sport continues to be a force for good in our community.

Your Donation is Tax Deductible

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) is the only deductible gift recipient for sport in Australia. This means that donations of $2 or more to approved projects are tax deductible. Shortly after making your donation, you’ll receive an official receipt from the ASF that you can use in your income tax return.

 Join us in supporting the GCDRU Foundation and help us build a stronger, more vibrant rugby community on the Gold Coast.