Smart Rugby

As part of our current COVID-19 community work-plan, we are seeking to continue the growth of our workforce capacity so that when rugby returns, we have sufficient ‘Smart Rugby’ accredited personnel within our clubs and schools to ensure a safe and quality experience. Below is a snapshot of current ‘Smart Rugby’ accreditation’s across our junior and senior clubs, as you will see there is a significant shortfall, especially when looking at the expired numbers.

Junior Smart Rugby Status Numbers by Club

Count of Last Name Column Labels
Row Labels Current Expired Grand Total
Bond Pirates Rugby Club (Juniors) 22 23 45
Colleges JRUC 3 6 9
Coomera Crushers Rugby Union Club (Juniors) 11 14 25
Gold Coast Eagles JRUFC 9 12 21
Helensvale Junior Rugby Club 10 27 37
Nerang Junior Rugby Club 6 9 15
Palm Beach Currumbin JRUFC 19 36 55
Surfers Paradise JRUFC 15 22 37
Tamborine Mountain Rugby 2 4 6
The Southport School JRUFC 17 14 31
Yatala Junior Rugby Union Club 7 5 12
Grand Total 121 172 293

Senior Smart Rugby Status Numbers by Club

Count of Last Name Column Labels
Row Labels Current Expired Grand Total
Beaudesert Rugby Football Club 7 7
Bond Pirates Rugby Club (Seniors) 1 5 6
Colleges Rugby Club Inc 5 18 23
Coomera Crushers Rugby Union Club 5 16 21
Gold Coast Rugby Club Inc (Eagles) 4 14 18
Gold Coast Senior Rugby Union 3 4 7
Helensvale Rugby Club Inc 7 26 33
Hinterland Celtics RUFC 1 1 2
Nerang Rugby Club Inc. 3 11 14
Palm Beach Currumbin Rugby Club 1 14 15
Surfers Paradise RUC 1 4 5
Grand Total 31 120 151

To help facilitate this increase of ‘smart rugby’ accreditation and the obvious need within our clubs, the QRU will be facilitating a state-wide online webinar to guide participants through the Smart Rugby course. This will provide a welcoming and relaxed forum for any participant who would like assistance while completing the course. Registration can be achieved via the Link below:

Queensland Rugby Union Online Smart Rugby Learning Event
Date: Tuesday, 28th April Participants will be required to use own device from home and have access to their own Rugby Xplorer account (online learning centre)
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Register: Registration Required

It is important to note that this webinar does not seek to replace people’s ability to log-in to the Rugby Learning Centre and by self-guided in completing the course – this is very much still encouraged. This webinar (and subsequent webinars) is an additional offering for the community should they prefer this method of learning or need additional help navigating the system or course content.

From a sub-union perspective, I am seeking your assistance with the following:

  1. Promotion of Smart rugby as self-guided learning – if the attached promotional tiles could be pinned to the top of any Darling Downs social channels and placed on the website this would be much appreciated.
    1. (please see promotional tiles attached)
  2. Promotion of Smart Rugby ‘Webinar’ as facilitated learning – similarly if this could be posted on social platforms and placed prominently on the website it would be greatly appreciated.
    1. Tuesday 28th April, 6pm (via Zoom)
    2. Registration link:

FYI: I will be sending out an email to all clubs later today with further information for clubs and for promotion purposes – I will copy you to all such communications for your records. Subsequently, I will be speaking with all clubs directly over the phone to ensure they are across this opportunity.

Register to be Relevant

As part of our continued ‘register to be relevant’ campaign, I am aware that you have already spoken with clubs with regards to ensuring that they have set-up registration fields for coaches, match-officials and managers. It is possible that aforementioned current ‘smart rugby’ accreditation numbers are skewed negatively because clubs and / or individuals are not registering in the appropriate fields provided at their club.

Going forward, If we could continue to collaborate on communicating the importance of this requirement that would be great. Below is a list of reasons put together by QRU Rugby Services Manager – Connor Ellis, which may assist you in explaining to clubs the benefits of adhering to this process.

  1. So we know who is out there in the Rugby community and can provide resources and knowledge to those members of clubs, without a registration we don’t know who you are or how to help
  2. Safety of players, especially juniors. We need to ensure that all members of a rugby club are compliant with the relevant child protection legislation in Queensland
  3. Insurance purposes. If a volunteer is injured in the process of an activity connected to their club they may be eligible to make a claim through the National Insurance Programme. Whilst performing their Role as a club official or volunteer, registered Participants of the Game are provided a basic level of cover under Rugby Australia Insurance Plan for Sports Injury (Accident) – 2020 Registration Terms & Conditions
  4. Coaches and manager must register so they can be added to the squad list and selected on the team list each week. Without a coach and/ or manager your team lists will not save.
  5. It is good governance to ensure that all club members sight and agree to any Rugby AU, QRU, Sub-Union and Club policies during their registration

Hopefully that all makes sense and I appreciate your assistance in advance – any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.